Travel // Valley of the Five Lakes

When we were in Jasper last year, my boyfriend and I made plans to hike the Valley of the Five Lakes trail – a loop that climbs up and down a mountain, passes over a bubbling stream, and winds around five brilliantly-coloured lakes, all in just a few kilometres. Alas, our plans were foiled by a resident black bear, who had decided he too wanted to hike the trail that same day. 

This year, my friend and I had better luck. The bears stayed off the trail (too busy hanging around our campground, I guess!) and we were treated to some incredible views. If you're in Jasper and have a few of hours to spare, you need to go. Save for a few small, steep hills it's a pretty easy walk, so don't fret if you haven't been hiking in a while.

Valley of the Five Lakes, you're pretty swell.