Travel // A Day in the Tetons

Today: A few photos from a day trip my friend, Dayna, and I took to Grand Teton National Park last summer, to hike through a canyon dotted with wildflowers and waterfalls. The trail was quiet when we arrived, giving us plenty of time and space to really see the place. Such are the benefits of camping with someone who's happy to be up and on the road before the sun rises!

I don't often take photos of flowers, but the sheer variety and number in the Tetons were like a lure for our cameras, Dayna and I stopping every few hundred feet to document the slight difference in colour between this Indian Paintbrush and the Indian Paintbrush we saw a few minutes ago. And so, the series from the day alternates between sweeping vistas and tiny details – a mark of the power of photography to help you appreciate your surroundings just a little bit more.