Into the Archives // Glacier in Blue

Less than an hour into my too-short trip to the incomparable Glacier National Park last July, my camera and I were in love. 

Glacier is full of incredible surprises – from cloud-topped mountains and deep, green valleys (more on those soon), to crystal clear lakes and streams and a thought-settling quiet. When I need to slow things down, I find myself travelling back in my memory (and my Lightroom catalogue) to the park to recapture some of that stillness.

And so, to close out a bit of a crazy week, here are a few of my favourite calm-inducing shots, taken over just a few hours on my first day in the park, and in the early morning of the second, before my friend Dayna and I headed south to Yellowstone. They're no substitute for being in Glacier yourself, but I hope they bring a bit of calm to your day! 

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