Into the Archives // Greenwich Dunes

I'm gearing up for a busy last week in Edmonton before I east and south for a little while (more on that soon!), so today I'm heading into the archives to unearth a bit more calm. Our destination: Greenwich Dunes in Prince Edward Island National Park – a trail that snakes along a bay, through open fields and forests, across a weatherworn floating boardwalk, and out to a chain of pink sand dunes lining the Atlantic. Not bad, right? 

When I visited late last summer, the air was warm, the trail was quiet, the water was glassily still, and the light and colours were all kinds of lovely. And so, as much as a short hike can restore a person, I was restored (the post-hike onion rings admittedly helped there too). 

Photos aren't a substitute for actually getting out there, of course, but I hope the next few shots from my night in Greenwich bring a bit of calm to your week nonetheless.