Travel // Cape Breton, Round 1

Towards the end of our stay on PEI, my boyfriend, David, and I headed out before the sun rose, to catch a little ferry across the dark waters of the Northumberland Strait. Our destination: Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island.

We had only a few days to explore the place, so we packed the activity in. We wound our way around the craggy coastline, stopping at bakeries, tiny galleries stocked with elaborate hooked rugs and brightly-painted wooden animals, and house-sized museums recounting the history of some of Cape Breton's earliest inhabitants and settlers. Single malt scotch was tasted – and, given our inexperience with the stuff, probably underappreciated. Roadsigns in Gaelic went undeciphered and a few wrong turns were taken. 

Today's photos come from our first leg of the trip: off the ferry, and up the west coast of the Island along the Cabot Trail, from Port Hastings in the south, to Cheticamp at the foot of the national park (with worthwhile detours for beach camping in Dunvegan and baking at Margaree Valley's exceptional Dancing Goat Cafe & Bakery). 

Next up, we head into Cape Breton National Park, for oodles of incredible scenery (plus tips on what to do and where to stay if you visit the island!). See you next time, friends!